SHOPKEEPER (Key Holder / Sales Lead)
North End, Boston location
Full Time Position

You have naturally ended up in sales. Being a gifted storyteller, combined with a passion for building relationships, and being an expert at following social cues, has allowed you to find your way as one of the best in sales and service. You are a super connector, by just being yourself. Your personality allows you to win others over by being sincere. You are well aware, that a passion for the details, a deep sense of optimism, and people; is a perfect match for service. If you decide to apply for our Shopkeeper Position, we want to hear your story, as it is with these beliefs that SALMAGUNDI BOSTON has also thrived since our opening in 2007.

What is SALMAGUNDI, you ask?
Established in 2007, SALMAGUNDI is a Full-Service Hats & Accessories Shop, owned and operated by husband-and-wife team Andria Rapagnola and Jessen Fitzpatrick. We currently run two brick and mortar shops in Boston’s Jamaica Plain & North End neighborhoods, as well as an online shop. We are internationally known for our unique take on retail, hats, accessories, and moreover; the curated full-service experience we provide for folks who travel to our shops from all over. We love fashion, and we equally love people. We are dedicated to the art of providing knowledgeable, honest, memorable service. At SALMAGUNDI, we consistently provide a unique shopping experience; one where folks discover a little more about themselves in the right hat and accessories, learn a few things about their new digs, have a memorable time in the shop, and have some laughs all the while.

Our Shopkeepers:
At SALMAGUNDI we are leaders in our industry. We are internationally known as one of the best hat shops in the world. We have established ourselves at the top by having a small, dedicated team of people. Our team strives to be the best at everything we do, and we enjoy the details in providing the best service possible. Our Shopkeeper understands our vision for our business and is active in upholding our vision. Shopkeepers naturally apply their best self every day and take pride in their individual effort while simultaneously taking pride in our collective efforts as a team. Dedication to making every moment special and memorable for everyone on our team, as well as our customers whom allow us their time; is at the core of every duty performed by our Shopkeepers. As a Shopkeeper you apply SALMAGUNDI standards to all aspects of our experience; the operations of the shop, the upkeep, presentation, knowledge of the products, stock levels, and of course the personalized service to our customers. We do all of this while governing the energy of the shop and maintaining a fresh, positive vibe. SALMAGUNDI has a culture that we cultivate and treasure, and our Shopkeepers are the pillars of the experience we offer.

  • You are our Sales Lead. As a Shopkeeper you are able to drive sales to ensure the overall success of the store. As the “Host of the Party” you build brand loyalty by providing the SALMAGUNDI experience to every customer. You provide sincere feedback and create value for the brand by staying on task and leading with purpose.
  • You can handle working in the shop alone, or alongside a fellow shop keeper.
  • You maintain a neat, clean and tidy store in compliance with SALMAGUNDI’s Visual Guidelines and make smart merchandising decisions.
  • You are seasoned in answering phones, working with computers, POS systems, Excel worksheets, and Email and Social Media.
  • You are flexible to work at either SALMAGUNDI locations when needed (North End and the Jamaica Plain flagship store); for example, outside of open hours to be involved in seasonal merchandising, or to take part in special events, or general coverage
  • You are responsible for store opening and closing procedures which include but are not limited to, daily reports, readying daily deposits, and running inventory and sales reports.
  • You live the SALMAGUNDI culture: You live and promote SALMAGUNDI values in everything you do at our shop. You deliver your best every day by fostering a culture of respect, care, ownership and personal commitment.
Special qualities that make you stand out:
  • You have at least 2 years of retail key holder & sales lead experience
  • You have at least 5 years of proven sales experience (can be beyond retail)
  • You are an experienced quick thinker able to resolve issues with skill as they arise with both customers and operations.
  • You are an effective confident communicator in both group settings and one on one settings.
  • You welcome feedback and are ready to improve always
  • You have a flexible and reliable schedule, including opening and closing the store and picking up unexpected duties, as they may arise.
  • You understand that diversity isn’t simply people who have the same exact idea as you, and just look different from one another. You understand that the full concept and value of a diverse experience in service; is showing folks respect and courtesy, regardless of their walks of life, or if they may have very different ideas than your ideas, or if they look or appear different than you personally; you understand that servicing folks from a truly diverse background is an honor and a very special experience for everyone involved and prejudgment should never be made.
  • You understand that a job where someone stands around and does as little as possible is not an experience of fulfillment. On the contrary, you know that a job in which you move with purpose, respect the art of progress, and do your absolute best in your role, to move the team forward is truly a job that is of a healthier life.
Physical Demands:
SALMAGUNDI is a fast-paced environment. One must be able to physically  access: all areas of the store including selling floor, downstairs stockrooms and register area, operate and use all equipment necessary to run the store, climb ladders, move, handle, and know the location of merchandise or supplies throughout the store (lift up to 10 pounds and move up to 50 pounds), clean and maintain shop (dust, clean mirrors, vacuum, sanitize, etc). Shopkeepers must be able to work varied hours/days to oversee the store from all areas of operation to customer satisfaction. Our environment is fast-paced and needs constant maintenance in order to uphold standards. Our Shopkeeper must be able to always move with purpose and be able to be on your feet
(stand and move) for the entirety of full shifts. Must be able to count, communicate, read and write in English (additional languages are a plus) and be well organized while in motion. Must be able to work with and handle different textiles/fibers such as wool, mohair, fur, cashmere, acrylic and natural straw hats without being negatively affected by allergies to said materials. Must be able to maintain steady high energy for every customer interaction & fitting throughout the whole shift.

  • Paid Vacation time (2 weeks)
  • Our Team: ask anyone who works or has worked here…we have incredible people on our team, and working alongside the owners of a growing small business provides a work experience rarely found anywhere in today’s market. Working with good people who put their all into the business they operate is unique and very special.
  • The Experience: working at SALMAGUNDI is often referred to by our former staff as a life changing experience. We have customers from every walk of life with whom you will build a rapport with and create memorable moments that develop into client loyalty. You will learn how to fit folks in what’s best for them; from moderately priced styles to some of the finest hats and accessories in the world.
  • SALMAGUNDI Merchandise: a generous Employee Discount for you to enjoy!
  • FUN work environment: we do our best, offer amazing products, and enjoy our shop culture!
Competitive Pay: $26 - $30 per hour (position pays between $45,000 – $60,000 a year depending on performance). We do not use a commission-per-sale platform. Instead, we offer a Monthly Sales Bonus

If you are interested in being on our team, please send the following:
Your Story (in cover letter), Resume, and Professional References to

*Only applicants that meet all of the criteria mentioned in the above will receive a response*